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Change your filters!


Dirty filters are the most common problem in a geothermal system - make sure you clean or replace your filters regularly

Condensate Drain


A clean drain will ensure clear flow during the cooling season

Geo systems are based on advanced technology, but we do the hard work to make it simple for you!


We work with owners and builders to design and install the most efficient, comfortable and sustainable heating, cooling and fresh air system for your new home.

  • System Design
  • Loop Field Installs
  • Geo Heat Pump Installs
  • Geo-based Radiant Floors
  • Service & Repairs
  • ​Solar PV Systems

We are a Geothermal and Renewable Energy company... we live and breath Geo and know it inside out!

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Service Area


Based in Beamsville, Ontario we service the Niagara, Haldimand, Brant and Hamilton areas



Up to $20,000 in grants available for both new and existing homes! Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your options.


Fully Accredited by the Canadian Geo-Exchange Coalition 


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Geothermal systems deliver substantial benefits...


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